Maintaining Your Car Fast, Safe

Maintaining Car Fast Safe

Our innovative Car Wash Technology Car Care removes all dirt, leaving your paint with a streak-free & wax-like finish, and protects your paint. We only use about 6-ounces of water to wash a car and super-soft microfiber towels to pamper your paint, interior, leather, windows, and wheels. Our nontoxic & biodegradable cleaning products are healthy for you and your passengers.


Your car is a major investment.

Proper car care is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your automobile. We offer Car Detailing that seals protect your gel coat, extending the life of your automobile. Metal surfaces must be polished, removing corrosion and inhibiting future damage. Automobiles needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and prevent yellowing and clouding.

On our car wash shop, We simplified all our knowledge into a series of basic car maintenance tips, subdivided in category. Having a basic car maintenance really isn't that hard. There are simple things that you can do on your own to be able to use like a silicone lubricant to protect your car from rusting from damaging your car. While some tips have simple explanations on our car wash tips page. Leave the job to us and we will ensure your satisfaction.

Maintaining Car Fast Safe! For all car care you need - Visit our shop located at 5950 Laurel Canyon North Hollywood, CA 91607 and enjoy our excellence service. We are open from Mon. - Sun. 8am - 6pm Full Service 6pm onwards - 8pm Express with available Wifi connection.