Village Valley Car Wash Our Commitment to Service

We at Village Valley Car Wash lives up to its name by caring for our environment in every part of our business. We care very much about the environment, which is why we strive to be the world's most eco-friendly car wash and detail service. By washing your car eco-friendly, together we can make a difference. When you wash your car at NoHo Car Wash you are not only getting a clean and shiny vehicle but you are also protecting the environment.

What began as a business idea for the best wash at the best price, turned into a quest to integrate this approach with cutting edge green technology. With the help of a great team the Village Valley Car Wash was born. Our “green” technologies save us money on energy consumption, and we are able to pass those savings onto our customers. Our car wash helps to keep the environment clean and provide a good value to customers at the same time also we offer Car Detailing Services.